Guam Population 2013

guam-population-2013Guam Population 2013

The most recent estimate for the population of the territory of Guam is 182,111, which is an increase of about 1.2% from the last record of the population.  The population of Guam has been greater than the population of the United States Virgin Islands over the course of the last half of a century.  Based on the total land area and the total population of the territory, the population density of Guam is about 871 people per square mile.

Demographics of Guam

The largest ethnic demographic in the territory of Guam is the Chamorro group, which makes up about 37% of the population. The Chamorro people are the earliest inhabitants of the Mariana Islands, thought to be of Mayo-Polynesian descent. The next largest ethnicity is those who identify as Filipino, which makes up about 26% of the population. Other Pacific Islanders make up about 11% of the population. Those that identify as white make up about 7% of the population.

Average Age in Guam

The median age in the territory is about 27.4 years. A little less than 10% of the population is under the age of 5 years. Also, about 2% of the population is 65 years and older. Also, about 99% of the population is considered literate (the population count is those over the age of 15 years).

Religion in Guam

The largest religious affiliation in the territory of Guam is the Roman Catholic Church, which makes up about 85% of the population. The remaining 15% of the country is a mixture of faiths and those that do not participate in religious affiliations.

Economy of Guam

Two of the major components of the economy in Guam are the military and tourism. The military has shown a larger build-up and growth in the course of the last few years, which has caused an increase in that sector of the economy. Also, tourism, which is normally a very positive factor of the economy, had decreased due to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan in 2011. However, tourism has slowly begun to rise from year to year since the largest downfall in tourism. Also, the dependence on imports makes up about 43% of the Gross Island Product. Since the large spike in inflation in 2006, the inflation has decreased significantly. Lastly, the job growth in Guam has been fairly steady, overall and in the private sector and the government. Because of this, though, the unemployment rate has been decreasing. The last rate recorded was 11.8%, which is a decrease from 13.3% in 2011.

guam-population-2013-educationEducation in Guam

There are two major higher education schools in the territory of Guam: University of Guam and Pacific Islands University. The University of Guam receives land grants from the United States government. The Pacific Islands University is a private, Christian, liberal arts institution, located in Mangilao.

Welcome to Guam

Historical Population of Guam

The population of Guam has increased continually over the past half of a century.  Although there have been slight deviations in the growth rate, the population growth had been fairly steady over the years.

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