Kentucky Population 2013

kentucky-population-2013Kentucky Population 2013

The United States Census Bureau estimates that the population of Kentucky, also known as the Commonwealth of Kentucky, in 2013 is approximately 4,380,415, which is ranked the 26th largest population in the United States. This estimate shows only a 0.9% increase since the last census in 2010, also conducted by the United States Census Bureau. Due to highly populated cities like Louisville, the population density of Kentucky is 110.0 people per square mile, ranked 22nd largest density in the United States.

Kentucky Land Mass

The state is approximately 380 miles long and 140 miles wide, with a square area of 40,411 square miles, making it the 37th largest state in the United States. Of those 41,411 square miles, 39, 732 square miles are made up of land. Therefore, there are not many lakes or rivers that make up the state of Kentucky. The highest point in Kentucky is Black Mountain, which is 4,145 feet above sea level. In contrast, the lowest point in the state is the Kentucky Bend, which is 257 feet above sea level.

Kentucky is bordered by a total of seven states: Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia, and Missouri. The only states that border more states than Kentucky are Missouri and Tennessee, which both border 8 states. The state is also made up of five different geographic regions: Bluegrass Region, Cumberland Plateau, Western Coal Field, Pennyroyal Region, and the Jackson Purchase Region.

Kentucky Demographics

Of the approximate 4.4 million people that make up the population of Kentucky, about 89% is considered to be white (including Hispanic or Latino). But, only 3% of that 89% identify as Hispanic or Latino. The percentage of the population that identify as Black or African American represents only 8% of the state of Kentucky, which is the next largest race in the state. The rest of the population is made up of a combination of Asian, Native Hawaiian, other Pacific Islanders, American Indian, Alaskan Natives, and those that identify as two or more different races. These other races only make up approximately 3% of the entire population of the state of Kentucky.

Kentucky Religion

The population of Kentucky is only slightly more religious than the national average of those that affiliate with a religion. Only 52% of the state’s population identifies as religious, compared to the national average of 49%. Out of the 52%, approximately 31% identify as Baptist, making it the largest denomination in the state of Kentucky. The next largest denomination is Roman Catholic, with approximately 8% out of the 52%. Only about 0.5% identify as something other than a Christian.

Kentucky Derby

Every year, enthusiasts for many different reasons come to Kentucky to participate in the annual event known as the Kentucky Derby. This event is not simply just a horse race; there has grown to be an atmosphere, an environment, and an excitement that has established its own culture around the race. The events and clothing can be traced back to 1875, where many of the festivities kicked off with black-tie charity balls and a Derby day. Whether it’s the gambling on the races, the eccentric nature of the clothing style, or simply the atmosphere and culture surrounding the event, populations from all over the country come to celebrate and participate in this annual event known as the Kentucky Derby.

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