Iowa Population 2013

Iowa Population 2013

The United States Census Bureau estimates that the population of Iowa in 2013 was 3,074,186, which is ranked the 30th largest population in the United States. This estimate shows a 0.9% increase since the last census in 2010, also conducted by the United States Census Bureau. The population density of the state is 54.5 people per square mile, ranked 36th largest density in the United States. The population of the state is expected to reach about 3.5 million by the year 2040.

Iowa Land Mass

The state of Iowa is approximately 310 miles long and 200 miles wide with a square area of 56,276 square miles, making it the 26th largest state in the United States. Of the 56,276 square miles, only about 401 square miles are covered by water. The highest point in Iowa is Hawkeye Point in Osceola County at 1,670 feet above sea level. In contrast, the lowest point in the state is at the Mississippi River at 480 feet above sea level.

Iowa Demographics

Out of the approximate 3.1 million people in the state of Iowa, about 51% of the population is female, while 49% is male. Also, 93% of the population identifies as white (including Hispanic or Latino). But, out of that 93%, only 5% do identify as Hispanic or Latino and 88% as Caucasian. Those that identify as Black or African American only make up 3% of the population. Those that identify as American Indian, Alaskan Native, Asian, Native Hawaiian, other Pacific Islanders, and those that identify as two or more races only make up about 4% of the total population of the state of Iowa.

Iowa Religion

The population of Iowa identifies as religious at a slightly higher percentage than the national average. About 54% of the state population identifies as religious, compared to the national average of 49%. Out of the 51%, about 17% identify as Roman Catholic, making it the largest denomination in the state of Iowa. The next largest denomination is Lutheran, which makes up 12% out of the 54%. Those that identify as Christian make up a total of about 53.5% out of the total 54%. Only about 0.5% identify as either Muslim, Jewish, or Eastern Religious.

Iowa Manufacturing

Iowa’s manufacturing sector is a very large and essential part to the economy of the state. Out of all the states in the United States, Iowa has the 6th highest percentage of the GDP that comes from manufacturing: 17.8%. In 2010, this sector contributed about $25.4 billion to the GDP. Only about 11% of the employed population works in the manufacturing sector, higher than the national average of 7% of total employment. Of all the manufacturing products that come out of Iowa, about 49% are exported somewhere in North America and about 25% to Asia. The top manufacturing export of the state is machinery followed by processed foods. The state exports about $2.9 billion worth of machinery. The next highest percentage of the GDP comes from finances and insurance work at about 13.8%.

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