Edmonton Population

edmonton-population-2013Edmonton Population

The current population of the city of Edmonton, the capital of the Alberta province, is estimated to be a little over 817,498, which is an increase of about 0.65% from the last record of the population. Edmonton is considered to be the fifth-largest urban area in the country of Canada and also the second-largest city in Alberta next to Calgary. Based on the total land area and the total population of the city, the population density of Edmonton is estimated to be about 3094 people per square mile.

Demographics of Edmonton

The median age of the population of Edmonton is about 36 years old. In fact, the city has a much younger population than the average Canadian city. Overall, the majority of the population of the city comes from European descent: English, Scottish, German, Irish, Ukrainian, Polish, and French. Also, about 72% of the population is white, 5% of the population is aboriginal, and the other 23% is considered to be visible minorities.

Religion in Edmonton

The religious culture of the city of Edmonton is fairly diverse. The largest denomination in the city is the Protestant denomination, which makes up about 31% of the population. The Roman Catholic Church makes up about 29% of the population. However, about 3% of the population is Muslim, 0.5% of the population is Jewish, and about 5% claim to be members of minority religions. Despite the largest Christian population in the city, the first mosque in the country was established in Edmonton.

Sports in Edmonton

The Edmonton Oilers have represented the city of Edmonton in the National Hockey League since 1979. In fact, one of the greatest hockey players of all time, Wayne Gretzky, played for the Oilers from 1979 to 1988. During his time with the Oilers, the Oilers won 4 out of the 5 Stanley Cup Championships that the team has won. The 5th Championship was won in 1990. Even though the city has a long-standing history of baseball, in fact, the longest baseball history in all of Canada, since 2012, the city does not have a baseball team. However, the Edmonton Rush represents the city in the National Lacrosse League and has done so since 2006.

15 Things to Do In Edmonton

edmonton-population-2013-zooEdmonton Valley Zoo

The Edmonton Valley Zoo was opened on July 1, 1959 with a declared vision to be a special place that inspires love and learning of animals and nature. The zoo is located on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. Currently, there is a $50 million expansion project to help make the zoo even better. New areas as a result of the construction will include the Arctic Shores, the Wander Trail, and the New Entry Plaza.

Historical Population of Edmonton

The population during the first year that the city of Edmonton recorded the total population of the city was recorded to be about 178 people. Since then, the population has grown immensely and has only had a couple years of negative population growth. Over the course of these years, the population has grown from a city of 178 people to a city of almost 820,000 people.

Year Population
1920 61,045
1925 65,378
1930 77,557
1935 82,634
1940 91,723
1945 111,745
1950 148,861
1955 209,353
1960 269,314
1965 371,265
1970 429,750
1975 451,625
1980 505,773
1986 571,506
1990 605,538
1996 616,306
2006 730,372

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