Jacksonville Population 2013

jacksonville-population-2013Jacksonville Population 2013

The current population of the city of Jacksonville, Florida is estimated to be about 836,507, which is an increase of about 1% from the last record of the population. The city is the most populous city in the entire state of Florida and is the largest city by area in the entire country. Also, the city is the twelfth-most populous city in the United States of America. Based on the total land area and the total population of the city, the population density of Jacksonville is about 1,100 people per square mile.

Demographics of Jacksonville

About 7% of the population is under the age of 5 years, while about 11% of the population is 65 years and older. Also, about 51.5% of the population is female, while the other 48.5% of the population is male.

The largest racial demographic in the city is the white alone group, which makes up about 55% of the population. The next largest group is those that identify as Black or African American, making up about 31% of the population. The Hispanic or Latino group makes up about 8%, while the Asian population makes up only 4%.

About 87% of the population, ages 25 years and older, have at least a high school diploma. However, about 24% of the population, ages 25 years and older, have at least their bachelor’s degree from some college or university.

Religion in Jacksonville

About 56% of the population of Jacksonville identify with a religious affiliation, compared to the national average of 49%. The largest religious affiliation in the city is the Baptist Church, which makes up about 21% of the population. The next largest affiliation is the Roman Catholic Church, which makes up about 9% of the population. Also, the Methodist population makes up about 6% of the population. Due to the more than average Asian population, there are a slightly larger percentage of people that practice Eastern religions. About 0.7% of the population practices some Eastern religion, compared to the national average of 0.5%.

Sports in Jacksonville

The only professional sports team based out of Jacksonville is the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jacksonville Jaguars participates in the National Football League in the American Football Conference – South. The home venue for games is called EverBank Field. However, the city is home to a team that participates in the USA Rugby League. The Jacksonville Axemen play their home games in Hodges Stadium. Lastly, a college football showdown is hosted every year in the city. The Gator Bowl, the matchup between the University of Georgia Bulldogs and the University of Florida Gators.

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Historical Population of Jacksonville

Over the course of the last few decades, the population of Jacksonville has increased every year at a fairly steady rate.  Its population has consistently been greater than the population of two other major cities in Florida, Miami and Orlando.

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