Delhi Population 2013

delhi-population-2013Delhi Population 2013

Delhi, otherwise known as the National Capital Territory of Delhi, is a region and city that contains the capital of India, New Delhi.  It is the second most populous city in India behind the city of Mumbai.  The most recent estimate of the population of Delhi is about 16,750,000.  Delhi is one of the most populous cities in the entire country, ranking in the top 10 most populous cities.  Based on the total land area and the total population of the city, the population density of Delhi is estimated to be about 27,280 people per square mile.

Demographics of Delhi

The female to male ratio in the city of Delhi is about 866 females per 1000 males. The literacy rate in the city is recorded to be about 86%, with 91% of the male population as literate and only about 81% of the female population as literate. The most widely spoken language in the city is Hindi, making up about 81% of the population. The next most widely spoken language is Punjabi, making up about 7% of the population. About 6% of the population speaks Urdu.

About 82% of the inhabitants of Delhi practice Hinduism, making it the largest religion in the city. The next largest religion is Islam, making up about 11.7% of the population. Only about 4% of the population identifies as practicing Sikhism. Christianity only makes up about 0.9% of the population, compared to Buddhism, which only makes up about 0.2% of the population.

Economy of Delhi

The largest commercial center in northern India is Delhi. The most important sector of the economy of Delhi is the service sector. In fact, this sector employs the most amounts of people in the city. The manufacturing sector remains an important aspect as well, but the agricultural sector is longer significant. The majority of the work force participates in trade, finance, or public administration.

The per capita income of Delhi is currently the highest in the whole country. Also, the work force makes up about 33% of the population and has been continuing to increase over the years.

Sports in Delhi

The three most popular sports in Delhi are cricket, football (American soccer), and tennis. The Delhi cricket team has won the Ranji Trophy, the competition among Indian teams, seven times and have come in second place seven times. The Delhi Daredevils play in the Indian Premier League and is governed by the Delhi District Cricket Association. The football teams in Delhi include DFC Delhi Football Club, Hindustan Football Club and New Delhi Heroes FC. DFC Delhi Football Club participates in the NFL Premier Division and the Delhi Super Division. The Hindustan Football Club plays in the Delhi Senior Division League. Lastly, the New Delhi Heroes FC plays in the Second Division of the I-League.

Air Pollution Effects On Population

Historical Population of Delhi 

The city of Delhi has experienced immense population growth over the course of the last century.  In 1901, the population was estimated to be just over 400,000.  Since then, the population has exponentially grown to almost 17 million.  The Partition of India in 1947 led to a very large population spike in the mid 20th century.

Year Population
1901 405,819
1911 413,851
1921 488,452
1931 636,246
1941 917,939
1951 1,744,072
1961 2,658,612
1971 4,065,698
1981 6,220,406
1991 9,420,644
2001 13,782,976
2010 16,314,838
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