Moscow Population 2013

moscow-population-2013Moscow Population 2013

The current population of the city of Moscow in Russia is estimated to be about 11,980,000, which is an increase of about 4.1% from the last record of the population. Moscow is the capital city and also the largest city in the entire country of Russia. Also, it is the largest city in all of Europe and also the 5th largest city proper in the entire world. Based on the total land area and the total population of the city, the population density of 12,357 people per square mile.

Demographics of Moscow

The majority of the population is ethnically and natively Russian. The native Russians make up about 92% of the population. The next largest ethnicity is the Ukrainian ethnic group, which makes up about 1.4%. Also, the Tatar population also makes up only 1.4% of the population. The Armenian population makes up 0.98% of the population. For a long period of time, the Jewish community was not allowed to live in the city or even the country of Russia. The Russian Revolution in 1917 was the period of time where Jews were really allowed to live in the country.

Religion in Moscow

Historically, Christianity has been the major religion in, not only Moscow, but also the entire country of Russia. In fact, the home of Russian Orthodoxy was moved to the city of Moscow in the year 1325. The main cathedral in Russia is the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, which is actually located in Moscow and is also the tallest Orthodox Church in the entire world. Even though Orthodoxy is the main religion in the city, other Christian denominations also have some prominent populations.

Besides Christianity, the other religions that have important populations are Islam, Buddhism, and Judaism. In fact, there are 25 Islamic organizations in Moscow. The Moscow Cathedral Mosque is the central mosque in the city.

Sports in Moscow

Moscow is considered to be the sports capital of Russia. In 2010, the European Rugby-7 Championship, European boxing championship, World Rhythmic Sportive Gymnastics Championships, and many others were all held in Moscow. In fact, Moscow held the World Athletics Day during this year.

Red Square

The Red Square is thought to be one of the most beloved and beautiful parts of the city. St. Basil’s Cathedral, located in the Red Square, was ordered as a result of the capture of Kazan from the Mongols. Even though it used to be an active church, the building is now a museum and an architectural spectacle. Other spectacles in the square are the Kremlin Wall, Kazan Cathedral, and the Lenin Mausoleum.

Moscow City

Historical Population of Moscow

Ever since the first record of the population of the city of Moscow, the population has experienced immense population growth.  The most recent growth is due to the fact that the birth rate is higher than the death rate.

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